Pictures from May 17th 2014 
Homesteading Fair



Urban Homesteading Fair!

Want to transform your piece of Asheville into a thriving homestead? French Broad Food Co-op is throwing a fair and has invited everyone you need to meet. This event is free and open to all.

Over 30 vendors and educators will present a plethora of ideas and products, tentatively including: bee keeping, mushroom growing, poultry raising, mead making, permaculture, alternative energy sources, bread oven building, hops growing, alternative education, herbal medicine making, and fermentation. The event exemplifies the Food Co-op’s mission, to be a transformative force in the community, and two of the Co-op’s 7 Principles: Concern for Community, and Education. French Broad Food Co-op has been the only non profit, community-owned grocer in Asheville since 1975.

In addition to the outside exhibits, several educational classes will be held in the community room above the Co-op. Well known local musicians will be showcased on stage throughout the day, as will local dance groups. A chef’s tent will be serving food and local beers will be readily available. If you hang around long enough, even the staff will be playing some music. Come, join us and start transforming your homestead!


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