Wellness & Body Care for Cold Weather

Melissa, HBC Manager

Cold weather is upon us as we head into November and many predict a tough winter. The past few years have seen an increase in all kinds of viruses and colds during the season and we here at the Co-op have many products to help aid your cold and flu symptoms .... and a Body Honey recipe

Body Care and Wellness Classes with Melissa

Two great classes with take-home products!!

Happy November from the Deli Dept.

Greg, Deli Manager

There’s more fantastic grab-n-go food in Deli all the time these days! The sandwiches and salads from the GO kitchen-ready program are more popular all the time, and lots of people are choosing their favorites.

Avoiding GMOs Aisle by Aisle

Bobby Sullivan, General Manager

While changing shopping habits can seem intimidating at first, by following these basic tips you can feel confident that you know what you're feeding your friends and family.

Co-op Owners: Get Involved & Have Fun!

Pauline Heyne, Board Member

Have a unique talent you want to contribute? Want to become more involved in your Co-op? There are critical positions on various committees that need filling and we need you. Being part of a committee is a great way to stay informed regarding the rapid changes of our growing Co-op and to become more deeply involved as an owner

Upcoming Biochar Workshop!

It's going to be hands-on making biochar for home garden use and very informatively engaging. Our workshops are by donation as always. Registration is required for lunch.