FBFC's Stance on GMOs

Bobby Sullivan, General Manager

There are 3 approaches here – supporting efforts to get the FDA to require the labeling of products containing GMO’s, dealing with the brands that are contributing money to defeat state level GMO labeling efforts (CA & WA so far) & addressing the products we carry that may contain GMOs.

Tips for Throwing a Green Gathering:

Co-op News

While a green party means not overdoing it, don't worry that such a celebration will be too sparse or appear in any way stingy. In fact, a creative green celebration can be thoughtful and lovely -- and all them or enjoyable for being devoid of mass consumption, overspending, and waste. The focus is on celebrating; there's no reason it need be at the expense of the environment.

The Co-op Difference is Our Greatest Strength

Kelly Fain, Board Member

You see, in a world where profit reigns supreme and in a culture where more is more, the Co-op is an oasis where the bottom line is never just financial.

Deli Will Save You from Shopping Hungry!

Greg, Deli Manager

The safe solution, if you arrive at the Co-op ready to shop but with an empty belly, is to get yourself a freshly-made deli sandwich, a cup of soup, and a cookie, have a seat, and fill up! It’ll make the rest of your shopping odyssey seem less daunting, fuel your finely-tuned decision-maker, and perhaps inspire your meal plans with either classic or interesting new flavor combinations.

New Products & New Classes in HBC

Melissa, HBC Manager

Happy Holidays to all! We here at the Co-op are busy this holiday season bringing in many new products for your health and holiday shopping. New in HBC are the following:

The Gradual Shift to Local & Organic

Ryan, Grocery Manager

More local, more organic, and more non-gmo; this must be the mantra of the grocery department as our Co-op continues to grow and have an impact on our community.

Wellness & Body Care for Cold Weather

Melissa, HBC Manager

Cold weather is upon us as we head into November and many predict a tough winter. The past few years have seen an increase in all kinds of viruses and colds during the season and we here at the Co-op have many products to help aid your cold and flu symptoms .... and a Body Honey recipe

Body Care and Wellness Classes with Melissa

Two great classes with take-home products!!