Good News & Happy New Year from HBC

Melissa, HBC Manager

Happy 2014! For a new year, many of you make resolutions or goals: to eat better, lose weight, organize your home, or spend better time with loved ones. Ahhh ... so many things we want to do and improve! Striving to improve is always lovely, but I also want to take a moment to just enjoy the goodness right now

Flower Essences & January Household Tip

Alisa Kuumba Zuwena, Board Member

What are flower essences? Flower essences are specially prepared flower remedies, containing the healing energy of plants. They are prescribed according to a person's emotional disposition, as ascertained by the therapist, complementary doctor, or patients themselves. Flower remedies are more homeopathic than herbal in the way they work, effecting energy levels rather than chemical balances. They have been described as "liquid energy." The theory is that they encapsulate the flowers' healing energy, and are said to deal with and overcome negative emotions, and so relieve blockages in the flow of human energy that can cause illness.

FBFC's Stance on GMOs

Bobby Sullivan, General Manager

There are 3 approaches here – supporting efforts to get the FDA to require the labeling of products containing GMO’s, dealing with the brands that are contributing money to defeat state level GMO labeling efforts (CA & WA so far) & addressing the products we carry that may contain GMOs.

Tips for Throwing a Green Gathering:

Co-op News

While a green party means not overdoing it, don't worry that such a celebration will be too sparse or appear in any way stingy. In fact, a creative green celebration can be thoughtful and lovely -- and all them or enjoyable for being devoid of mass consumption, overspending, and waste. The focus is on celebrating; there's no reason it need be at the expense of the environment.

The Co-op Difference is Our Greatest Strength

Kelly Fain, Board Member

You see, in a world where profit reigns supreme and in a culture where more is more, the Co-op is an oasis where the bottom line is never just financial.

Deli Will Save You from Shopping Hungry!

Greg, Deli Manager

The safe solution, if you arrive at the Co-op ready to shop but with an empty belly, is to get yourself a freshly-made deli sandwich, a cup of soup, and a cookie, have a seat, and fill up! It’ll make the rest of your shopping odyssey seem less daunting, fuel your finely-tuned decision-maker, and perhaps inspire your meal plans with either classic or interesting new flavor combinations.

New Products & New Classes in HBC

Melissa, HBC Manager

Happy Holidays to all! We here at the Co-op are busy this holiday season bringing in many new products for your health and holiday shopping. New in HBC are the following: