Worker Owner Program Update

Bobby Sullivan, GM

As you may know our Worker Owner Program was on hold, due to multiple factors involving our union contract, an evaluation of our compensation practices and trends within the national cooperative movement. ...

Carrying Co-op Forward: Stronger Together

Josh LittleJohn

It is our human nature to revel in times of bounty with little recollection of the recent past. The ease with which we bask in the warmth of spring and summer days helps us forget the struggles of winter. Collectively our memories are short; yet occasionally we manage to sustain vestiges of our past that help carry the memories of generations forward from one to the next.

Board Meet & Greet Photos

Photos from the Board's gathering in February

New Products & Looking Toward Spring!

Melissa, HBC Manager

Fire Cider recipe and some great new products in the Health & Body Care Department!

March Classes: Spring Cleanse Class and an Herbal First Aid Class

Spring Cleanse Class and an Herbal First Aid Class

March Update from the General Manager

Bobby Sullivan, GM

Worker Owner Program update and a new hot bar!