Flower Essences & January Household Tip

Alisa Kuumba Zuwena, Board Member

The French Broad Food Co-op is a great resource for Flower Essences. There is a wide selection in the store.

What are flower essences? Flower essences are specially prepared flower remedies, containing the healing energy of plants. They are prescribed according to a person's emotional disposition, as ascertained by the therapist, complementary doctor, or patients themselves. Flower remedies are more homeopathic than herbal in the way they work, effecting energy levels rather than chemical balances. They have been described as "liquid energy." The theory is that they encapsulate the flowers' healing energy, and are said to deal with and overcome negative emotions, and so relieve blockages in the flow of human energy that can cause illness.

I had a great opportunity to interview Natural Healer Dr. Ayele Kumari located in St. Louis, MO. She shared with me her knowledge of Flower Essences.

Q: Would you like to tell the readers a little bit about your path towards Ancient and Natural Medicine? How did you gain your expertise in the field of the flower essences? Did you have a mentor?

A: My experience came from the school of hard knocks. I had gone through some traumatic experiences and used them during that time. The first experience was a miscarriage that was extremely painful for me to adjust to. After taking the flower essences, I almost immediately began to feel better and more in control. The second experience involved the break-up of a long term relationship. There were many negative emotions that I had experienced. The flower essences helped me to deal with my feelings, resolve them, and move on. After that, I began to study the remedies intensely and shared them with my clients. They seemed to appreciate them and see their value; so it just evolved from there. As a homeopath and spiritual counselor, I was already working with other mind body therapies. Flower essences became a powerful adjunct to my work.

Q: How do the essences work with the counseling aspect of your work? How is it helpful in the development of emotional growth for the client?

A: It helps to clear emotional blocks, emotional conflicts, set goals, and to attain clarity. It also helps a person to establish viable goals for healing and to carry out those goals.

Q: Can these essences be used with children? If so, how and please give descriptions of how they are effective with problems children may face emotionally. For instance, if a child is having emotional separation problems of missing a parent, how and what remedies would you recommend to help the child cope with this dilemma? Would the same remedy be used for a father or mother? Or would a different remedy be used dependent on which parent the problem is stemming from?

A: Flower essences are great with children because they are energetic in nature. They are perfectly safe for any child. Since they can be administered through the skin, they can be placed in the bath rather than ingested.

Childhood can bring many complex issues such as self-esteem, peer pressure, stress at school, etc. Other special problems may be that a parent is not available to the child. All of these cases may be helped with flower essences, though the extent may vary from child to child. I have a six year old little girl whom I have used flower essences on all of her life. During the time of my divorce from my husband, we moved out of state. She has been separated from her father ever since. Though she sees him regularly, it is usually during school breaks and during summer vacation. For a while, she had experienced a shift in attitude about herself and life. It was stemming back to not seeing her father often enough. I began to give her some sunflower flower essence. I saw immediate improvement. Sunflower has been very good for people who have experienced breaks or difficulties with their fathers. On the other hand, the Mariposa lily flower essence has been great for difficulties with mothers. Flower essences are specific in nature and therefore every situation is different. These are very general guidelines.

I have also had remarkable results with children diagnosed with hyperactivity, depression, and ADD. I had a client bring her 12 year old son to me for spiritual counseling. He was failing in school and was temporarily in a mental institution for depression and ADHD. I talked with the child extensively. I suggested a bath with a combination of flower essences. She followed up on my suggestion. She told me she had a difficult time getting him into the tub. After about 5 minutes, he relaxed, and began to enjoy it. After 20 minutes, he was calm as a lamb. To her surprise, he even hugged her afterward. She was flabbergasted. She continued giving him the essences, a homeopathic remedy and counseling. His test scores improved from Ds and Fs, to Bs and Cs. He also became more loving and happy instead of being very angry and sad.

Q: As a homeopath, can these flower essences be used in unison at times to help heal an individual?
A: They may be used in unison or alone to help heal an individual.

Q: How are these essences helpful to you when doing massage or reiki healing?
A: Massage therapy is very good for physical release and spiritual release.

Q: When using the essences how does this further the effect of the healing that is released when this work is done? What is a good multi-purpose remedy our readers can use to have a stress-free workday?
A: That is a relative question. If you just want a general remedy for stressful situations, I would suggest the five flower formula from the Flower Essence Society. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is also good. They both have the same essences, so whatever your preference is fine. The other side of that question refers to work. If your stress just stems from the day itself, the above would probably suffice. If, however, your stress stems from the fact that you are not happy with your job, or you feel that your life's work is not being done, then I might suggest Wild Oat. Wild Oat has been instrumental in aligning people with their life’s work. I used this myself when I was accepting my calling as a minister/healer.

Q: Can these essences be used while bathing or in the hair?
A: They are great in the bath or in shampoo. If you place them in the bath, remain there for at least 20 minutes for maximum effect. Keep in mind though that flower essences are NOT essential oils. They both come from the flower petals, but they are made entirely different, so do not expect them to smell like flowers. In fact, they are more likely to smell like brandy, their preservative. You can however mix them with essential oils. They have no contraindications with any other therapy, especially when in the bath.

Q: In the event of a traumatic experience, how quickly does the essence work to relieve the emotional trauma? For instance, if someone has been in a near death situation, like a bad car accident, which essences would be effective in giving relief? Is it better than taking a tranquilizer?
A: Depending on the situation, you can feel the effects from instantly to a week. The more intense the situation, especially if they are sudden, like an accident, the faster they work. If a situation has been going on for an extended period of time, they take a little longer. According to pictures taken with Kirlian photography, which takes pictures of the aura, they change the aura within seconds. They materialize shortly after. They are also very subtle in their action. You won't experience this great transformation suddenly. More likely, you will just notice in retrospect that you can handle the situation better than before. This is much different than the action of a tranquilizer or an anti-depressant, which may suppress the feelings as long as you are on them, and then the symptoms return once you discontinue them. Flower essences don't need to be taken all the time.

Ayele Kumari is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Minister, Homeopath, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Writer, and Lecturer. She had degrees in Metaphysics and Religious Counseling and she is located in St. Louis, MO where she has a practice. She has given many lectures on spirituality, health and healing. Those interested in contacting her www.ayelekumari.com or at 314-827-4325.
Disclaimer: Any suggestions for the use of flower essences should be taken for educational purposes only. This should in no way replace the advice of a physician or licensed professional. Nor should it be taken as a prescription for any specific condition. Flower essences are a complementary therapy and can complement a treatment course already taken.

January Household Tip: My favorite essential oils recipe received from Cosmic Essences. It smells wonderful and kills airborne bacteria and can prevent the spread of germs. It’s highly anti-infectious and immune stimulating.
Thieves Cleaning Recipe (A Natural Cleaning Agent) Add to a quart of water in a sprayer bottle:

Essential Oils        How Many Drops
Rosemary             20 drops each
Cloves                  20 drops each
Cinnamon             20 drops each
Lemon                   20 drops each
Eucalyptus           20 drops each
Uses: Antibacterial, Anti-Antiseptic, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Viral. Can use also to clean floors, bathroom, kitchen, etc.