Deli Will Save You from Shopping Hungry!

It seems like everybody’s got a few extra things on their to-do lists this time of year, and with big planned meals and gatherings, there’s a few extra items on the shopping lists, too.

Your friendly Co-op Deli Department would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the dangers of shopping hungry: extra items whose delicious looks convince you to add them to your cart, thus adding to your bill; trouble deciding between similar products due to low blood sugar; finding yourself at checkout with three pounds of bulk chocolate-covered ginger and six muffins, when you just wanted a little snack for the car.

The safe solution, if you arrive at the Co-op ready to shop but with an empty belly, is to get yourself a freshly-made deli sandwich, a cup of soup, and a cookie, have a seat, and fill up! It’ll make the rest of your shopping odyssey seem less daunting, fuel your finely-tuned decision-maker, and perhaps inspire your meal plans with either classic or interesting new flavor combinations.

Try our new selection of living foods! Get a hearty and delicious sandwich from our shelf of tasty things made by GO-kitchen graduate Stephen, in conjunction with Asheville Sandwich Company, featuring HNG roast beef, Roots Hummus, and other local favorites! Is it Wednesday or Friday afternoon? Get yourself a tamale, made locally by Mr. Suave’s tortilleria! There’s soup! Fill up a plate at the Salad Bar! We’ll do our best to make sure you’ve got the choices that will help you avoid shopping hungry, but it’s up to you to take advantage of the selection!

Also, look for more new things in the deli area, coming soon: More hot foods, more soup options, a continuing increase in great flavors! Stay tuned!