Carrying Co-op Forward: Stronger Together

With April comes awakening after winter's deep cold and a month filled with reminders of life. Before long the harshness of winter is distant in our minds, only to be jogged back several months later by the return of frosty October mornings.

Earth Day will be celebrated this year for the 44th time as one reminder of the environmental movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, which acknowledged and pushed into the American psyche the need to be conscious about our actions on this planet.

Thirty nine years ago within that same social context the French Broad Food Co-op was formed. It came together with purpose and vision underlying its existence. The vestige of that vision survives in it today. As Asheville, the region, and the world at large have changed over those years, so to has the Co-op. From the Chesterfield Mill to Broadway, from buyers club to full service grocer, it has changed. At the heart of the organization there are people -- people who stock its shelves, change its tills, and grow its food, people who work with straight backs and strong hearts, people who create community as they labor, and people who serve.

They serve by sustaining the Co-op and by ensuring that our collective memory is clear. In the Co-op our winters are recalled right alongside our summer days.

Together its memories become our memories. We learn from our shared past and together we are strong.