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French Broad Food Co-op is owned by more than 1500 Owners, governed by a Board of Directors, and operated by a paid staff. Owners have always been the backbone of

the Co-op, supporting it financially and participating in governance. As a cooperative, we are committed to being responsive to our Owners and shoppers. This can best be accomplished when the Board reflects the wide diversity and interests of our Owners.

Board of Directors elections are held each year at the Annual Meeting & Party.   

The Board has three primary duties.

  • To ensure sound management of the co-op
  • To act as trustees on behalf of the membership
  • To set long-range goals and plan for the future

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Board of Directors focuses on four key areas:

  • Hiring and evaluating the CEO
  • Financial oversight
  • Long-range strategic planning
  • Recruitment of replacement director

Members are welcome to attend the board meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 upstairs in the Movement & Learning Center.

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Brandee Boggs resume and application
As an owner's representative, I will bring an equitable and creative approach to challenges that lie ahead. As an engaged member of the community, I have been honored to work with a variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds, this has enriched my abilities to tackle challenges with respect and sensitivity to those impacted. My commitment to social equity, my commitment to the FBFC principles and my commitment to the larger Asheville community will guide me in making sound and just decisions. I promise transparency, to listen and to act with the best intentions of all co-op owners in mind.

Virginia Bower
As the owners' representative, I commit to doing all I can to uphold and promote the FBFCs principles, vision, and mission. I will lend my expertise as an educator and program director to support educational outreach; to promote initiatives for affordable healthy food choices in our community; to work collaboratively with other board members and Co-op employees; and to work creatively with board and community members on sound yet inspiring "next steps" for expansion and smart growth at our member-owned Co-op. I have lived in Asheville for 24 years, am a "health food nut," and would love to participate in possibilities for FBFCs transformative future.

Kelly Fain resume and application (incumbent)
I feel I’ve added valuable experience to the board in the past three years and hope to continue to serve my community in this exciting time. I’ve had more than 10 years of experience as a Co-op employee (both here and at Hendersonville Community Co-op). I have worked with Equal Exchange and traveled to Chiapas to study globalization and Fair Trade. I’ve worked with co-ops here in Asheville (including Firestorm) on supporting the cooperative model. I was a board member for United Services Credit Union during their merger with Self Help. I am am firm believer in the cooperative model and the policy governance process. I’ve made it my life’s work to be involved with co-ops around the world. I hope I can lend my voice to continue to help this Co-op continue to flourish in our vibrant community.

Paul Gallimore 
I bring over 42 years of experience in non-profit management and Board service with over 14 organizations across the country and would like to offer my years of service to ensuring the growth and perfection of the French Broad Food Coop. Existing businesses in our community and around the world are in dire need of transformation, and the French Broad Food Coop can become the model that integrates owner-worker-Board member collaboration that can spark new approaches that can redefine business as a manifestation of compassionate service and ecological responsibility. Together, let’s make it happen! And thanks for your commitment!

Bob LeRoy (incumbent)
Treasurer since 2012, gratefully a board member since 2011.) Since college, I’ve passionately played countless roles in co-ops (founder, cashier, composter, unloader, financial advisor, organic-produce supplier, bylaws rewriter, traveling ambassador, interim President....). I’m an Accredited Accountant, Enrolled Agent, Registered-Dietitian Nutritionist.... have worked with 30 nonprofits. I organize national commercial-funding-free nutrition conferences about preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. Here I’ve chaired the Finance Committee, found/vetted our 1st independent auditor in decades, spearheaded all bylaws revision work since March 2012. I visit dozens of co-ops, research their histories.... We can learn/grow from each others’ experiences! Seeking wise expansion supporting all co-operative principles/values!

Justina Prenatt (incumbent)
• Serving as FBFC Board of Directors President since January 2014; served 2 prior years as Board Secretary
• FBFC Owner since 1992 - past worker owner, served on numerous committees, including help writing current bylaws
• Professional Counselor & Mediator & local business owner, local property owner, grad of WWC & WCU
• Lifelong organic & local food, peace, human rights, and environmental activist
• Passionate about facilitating FBFC expansion to be highest standard in green building and providing green space while remaining strongly focused on being a true "Asheville Local" community hub in service and accessible to diverse and under-served Asheville populations

Stephanie Swepson-Twitty bio and application
Stephanie Swepson-Twitty, President and CEO for Eagle Markets Streets Development Corporation, a native of North Carolina, residing in Old Fort, McDowell County, married with one son and three grandchildren. Stephanie is a Community Economic Development professional, demonstrating leadership and success in community-based and ministry related settings. Possesses proven background in organizational development, financial management/analysis particularly with non-profit entities. Stephanie has an extensive and varied background in banking finance and retail management, has strong organizational and development skills, and is an accomplished public speaker.

Becky Wright
I am interested in using my 16+ years within the commercial real estate and construction industry to help the FBFC move forward in their current growth model such that it remains a strong, competitive and economically viable grocery marketer in spite of a growing market of other choices – especially as Asheville experiences extreme growth in the grocery markets. I strongly believe that it is our responsibility to support local businesses and healthy growth of the WNC economy. I believe that the FBFC will benefit from my professional experience coupled with my dedication to helping Asheville grow in a sustainable, positive way.








If you want to contact the co-op's Board of Directors, please use the emails listed below:


  1) Bob LeRoy, Treasurer,


  2) Justina Prenatt, President


  3) Jennifer Heeder, Secretary


  4) Danielle Goldstein, Vice President


   5) Pauline Heyne


  6) Kelly Fain

 7) Alanna Hibbard 

  8) Josh Littlejohn



  9) Daav Wheeler





Jean Karpen, Board Assistant,



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